Kevlar Bulletproof Material

Martin Shield uses Kevlar as the bulletproof material in our backpack. It is described as "five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis". Kevlar is best known as bulletproof material in vests and body armor. Other than that, it can be used as reinforcement in car tires, car brakes, boat, and even aircraft bodies. One question often arises when mentioning Kevlar is what it is and why it is so tough. This article will cover the matter and answer most asked questions on Kevlar.

What is Kevlar?

Kevlar is simply a super-strong plastic because of its chemical structure and the way it is tightly knitted during production process. Chemically, Kevlar is a synthetic aromatic polyamide polymer, in which:

  • Synthetic means that it is made in a chemical laboratory unlike natural and raw materials.
  • Aromatic means Kevlar's molecule is formed into rings that have very strong bonds and highly hindrance.
  • Polyamide means a long chain formed by aromatic molecules.
  • Polymer means that Kevlar is made from many identical molecules bonded together.

Kevlar’s structure and properties:

Kevlar's chemical structure is basically parallel rods that pack tightly together with extra hydrogen bonds. These bonds are the reasons to Kevlar’s tough properties:

  • Strong but relatively light.
  • Do not melt or freeze. Decompose at about 450°C (850°F) and degradedown to −196°C (−320°F).
  • Resist reactions with many different chemicals, but long exposure to strong acids or bases will degrade it over time.

How Kevlar material stops a bullet?

The mechanism of bullet proof materials is absorbing the Kinetic Energy from the shot to reduce the speed of the bullet. As the result, it decreases the damage that could have been done by the shot.

When a bullet hits a Kevlar made product, it gets caught in the web of tightly lined up fibers, which then absorbs and dissipates the energy from the shot, drastically reducing the impact of the bullet. Because of its chemical structure and the tightly knitted fibers, Kevlar is an amazing material for our Martin Shield backpack.