Martin Shield - The Best Ballistic Material

The bullet blocker shield is rated based on the amount of the blunt force impact that it can stop.

According to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the rating system for both ballistic resistant and stab resistant body armor is from level II A to level IV. Our Martin Shield backpack is not only tested for stopping penetration but also for blunt trauma protection from the blow suffered by the body from impact.

Our backpack shield catches the bullet, absorb it and then disburse the energy of the impact through the shield. When a bullet hits an object, it will deform and send the energy into the fibers of the best. Each material layer will absorb the impact of the bullet. 

Our Kevlar fiber material have undergone some significant change over the years, and it can protect from both spike and blade threats as well as ballistic threat with a very light weight of many ultra thin fiber layers.


A Friendly Reminder:

Even though, the bulletproof backpack offers some amazing benefits, you still have to take it to some limitations and must not be used as the first line of defense yet might well save your life in some dangerous situations.