Things to Know about Buying a Bulletproof Backpack

After the Florida shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School the sale of bulletproof backpacks skyrocketed as many parents worry for their children’s safety. If you are considering buying a bulletproof backpack, there are a few things you should note before buying one.

  • Bulletproof backpacks only protect against handguns

Bulletproof backpacks can only protect one against handguns but not riffles due to the different strength of the bullets fired between them. Riffles are more powerful, which is why mass shootings involve with rifles like the AR-15.

Martin Shield bulletproof backpacks are not riffle proof due to the material used. The Kevlar is categorized as “Level 3A” by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ),the research, development and product testing of the U.S. Justice Department.

Products made of Kevlar is considered as soft body armors. In order to reduce the weight of the backpack for children to carry to school, stronger ballistic-resistant hard plates are not used because they would be too heavy to wear.

  • Bulletproof backpacks are expensive

Bulletproof backpacks can range in price from $200-500 because the bullet-resistant plates alone are expensive.

  • Bulletproof backpacks do not last forever

As with any backpack, bulletproof backpacks get worn out after a period of time. Therefore, even if you take great care, you might need to replace it after a while.

Another tip is that do not buy used bulletproof products, because you do not know if it is damaged our worn out someplace that is not invisible, which could be dangerous in certain situation.

  • The Justice Department certifies bulletproof products

Any bulletproof products you buy should be NIJ certified and should be displayed on the website.